Affirmations And Weight Loss Success

Are Your Affirmations "Falling On Deaf Ears?"

I have gotten lots of question over the years about affirmations. Most of them say something like, "I wrote all these affirmations, but none of them are happening. Why? I really don't think these things work very well."

Have you ever felt like your affirmations were "falling on deaf ears?" Like God just wasn't listening? If so, I hope you'll read carefully.

Affirmations can range from incredibly effective to all but useless. What makes the difference? Three guesses.

Yep, you!

Let's start with a look at the real purpose of affirmations. What IS it?

You may or may not know that the term "affirmation" is actually a short version of "prayer of affirmation." So an affirmation is really a form of prayer. But contrary to almost universal opinion...

...the purpose of an affirmation is NOT to change God's mind.

Its purpose is to change YOUR mind.

Yes, you heard that right. You see, we are created by our Creator to be powerful creators in our own right. If you have one of my major course manuals (Get Motivated For Life, Weight Loss God's Way), you know all about the "Three Levels Of Creation."

One of the most potent ways we create our personal experience of life is through Level Two -- our words. We basically "prophesy" our own tomorrow with the words we speak today.

What almost none of us really grasp is that this process is taking place ALL THE TIME, whether we know it or not. That's because EVERY SINGLE WORD that comes out of your mouth is an affirmation -- of something.

For example, for years my older sister used to say, "There just aren't any good men out there." Well, what kind of an experience do you think that created in her life? Exactly.

She got to be right.

For her, there were no good men - by her own creation! She had turned a belief into an experience. And all of us are doing exactly the same thing, all day, every day, in a thousand different ways.

(For the record, she "fixed that," with a little help from her brother - and now is happily married! I take full credit, of course :-)

When we discover that our life isn't really going quite the way we'd like it to, some of us set out to improve it. We learn about such techniques as "positive thinking," "visualization," and "affirmation." But most people get disappointing results.

Let's find out why...

In the simplest terms, an affirmation is supposed to just be a declaration that a desired condition is an actual condition. The classic, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better" is a well-known -- if exceedingly lame -- example.

Why is it "lame?"

Well, I'll ask you. Does it move you to read it? Does it make you feel excited and motivated? Does it make you feel anything at all - except maybe, bored? Well that's the whole problem. If it doesn't move you, it can't change you.

Let me give you an example of the kind of affirmations that really get results. I'll start with one you'd never think of as an affirmation.

"That stupid ass**** boss of mine is driving me crazy!" Bet you wouldn't have thought of that as an affirmation, let alone a very powerful one. But you'd be wrong. Can you imagine how your life would be if you said that about 10 times a day, every day, and really believed it? Now, what if you also said it aloud. Really a-loud.

With feeling. With passion. With emotion. With conviction!

Well, guess what. I guarantee there would be "experiential" consequences in your life. Would they be desirable consequences? Only if you were looking for another job.

Want results? Try getting that much emotion
into your POSITIVE affirmations.

Now, here's a handy example of a powerful positive affirmation.
"Wow, I'm so excited to finally know why my past weight loss efforts failed, and what to do differently to start creating success. Thank God I'll never again have to squander my precious time and energy on dead-end weight loss methods that never worked and never will."
Could I have picked a different example? Sure. But why? This is the real topic at hand, isn't it?

The whole bottom line is to understand that YOU ARE LISTENING TO EVERYTHING YOU SAY. You are determining your own future by your own words. The more emotion your words carry, the more powerfully they influence (or confirm) your own beliefs - which are the true source of your daily experience of life.

Please read that again.

So if you want a better life, start affirming that! Talk about what you want, not what you have. Affirm the condition you desire - not the one you seem to be stuck with!

Is God listening? Surely.

But it's not God's mind you need to change. He already gave YOU the power to create your earthly experience. So if your life's a mess, don't blame it on God. Fix it! Work on changing YOUR mind.

Fix your life by getting crystal clear about what YOU want, by focusing on what YOU want, by powerfully and passionately affirming that you ALREADY have it, and by staying in faith that it's a "done deal."

And for heaven's sake, don't just read your affirmations and expect any results. You have to SAY them, and say them like you MEAN them. Yelling them would be even better. (Yes, I do.)

While I don't have room here to go into more detail, it's exceedingly important to understand the power of affirmations AND to do your own affirmations in a way that creates POSITIVE change in your life -- rather than endlessly and unconsciously reinforcing the "same old, same
old" experience of life you're already not happy with.

Cheap Trick - If you have trouble "believing" new affirmations (which you definitely should), try alternating them with statements you already believe. That way your own psychic defenses won't be on high alert. (Kind of like giving the dog his medicine by mixing with the dog food.)

Try it - it works!

Yours in total health,

Dr. Frank
by Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD -

Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD

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