How to Effectively Use Safelists


If you join a safelist, it is imperative you have a second email address as you will receive mail from all the members on that safelist.

When you register at a safelist, you will use two email addresses - one for the admin to send you information and the other where all the list mail will be sent.

You will sometimes receive solo ads from members to the admin email address you used.

Once registered at a safelist, you can post an email advertisement to all the members.

Safelists will have a free and paid option.

Generally free members will be allowed to post once a day or once a week - while pro members will be allowed to post more often than that.

Some safelists may be credit based - where you have to click a link in emails you receive to get credits for your postings (Got Safelist works this way) - or you can purchase credits.


Many people will just scan their safelist ad headlines for something that catches their interest, which means the headline you use is very important.  By using an ad tracker you can implement a testing and measuring system to see which headline gives you better results. 


There are many ad trackers available, however I recommend Ad-alyzer and you can get this with your Free membership at ISORegister


The following is from Soren Jordansen – well known in the Safelist/TE industry:


What is a Safelist ?

Basically a safelist is a gathering of like minded individuals who have agreed to exchanges ads. You agree to receive ads from all the others
members in exchange for the opportunity to send your own. This concept has many advantages, here's a couple of them.

The advantages of safelist marketing

For one it's spam free as people have to double opt-in to the safelist and thereby agreeing to receive your ads, should some nutter decide that the
safelist mail is spam anyway it's not really your problem as the mail is not sent from your email address or server. Actually this is the origin of the
name, a safelist is a closed community where it is safe for members to exchange ads.

The second advantage is quite obvious but many people fail to see this, what does all safelist members have in common? They have something to
sell, but they have not advanced far enough in their internet marketing carreer to dismiss a very mundane task as posting to safelist is. That
means that if you have a product, report, ebook, income opportunity etc. that can help people on the way to internet glory, the average safelist
user is an excellent prospect for you.


Safelists I recommend:









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