The Gesta Diet

The Gesta diet was made up by the dietitian Madeleine Gesta, initially for stars to reshape their bodies in a short period of time.


The diet is not only a weight loss procedure, but also a general regulator. It is extremely important that it relies on elements rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and lasts 2 days.
The diet's principles: 
This weight loss program can be described through balance, relaxation and much resting. It involves 2 phases: the detoxifying period and the stabilizing period, consisting of: 
- 3 meals/day with a respected ratio of 4-2-1 (4 glucose, 2 parts proteins and one part lipids) 
- max 500 g food/meal
- 1,5 l water/day – at noon before the meal, never in between.

Morning: When woken up, drink half liter of water with tiny sips to eliminate toxins. After 30 minutes drink a grapefruit juice (extremely rich in vitamin C and potassium) and after another 15 minutes drink a mix of pasteurized milk, one spoon of cocoa and one of honey. 
Noon: 200 g fish, steamed or prepared in oven, spiced with lemon and olive oil. After 2 hours eat yoghurt with a little honey (stimulates the intestinal transit). 
Afternoon:  One squeezed lemon in 500 ml water and one spoon of honey. 
Supper: Boil 1 kg leek for about 20 minutes in 1 ½ l water (purgative effect), 500 g carrots (for its vitamin A), 500 g tomatoes (rich in potassium and minerals), 2 celeries and a pinch of thyme. 3x10 minutes drink this juice then eat boiled vegetables sprinkled with vinaigrette after about 20 minutes. 
Before bedtime: One yoghurt with a spoon of honey. 

This day is a diet day. In the first 5 hours the stress is on the absorption of liquid elements. The body is extremely needed, so you must rest as much as possible.  
In the morning and noon keep the first day’s menu.
Supper: 200 g steamed fish and one bowl of vegetables.  
Before bedtime: One yoghurt with a spoon of honey.
Monday, calcium day 
Morning:  Have water, grapefruit juice and a cup of cocoa.

Noon:  250 g cheese mixed with yoghurt and 2 spoons of honey.  
Afternoon: In 2-2 hours 2 apples (canned or fruit). 
Supper: 200 g white meat and 300 g steamed vegetables sprinkled with olive oil.

If you strictly keep to this diet, you may lose lose about 2-3 kg/week.

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