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The Wellzymes Homeopathic line provides a comprehensive approach to allergy treatment. It addresses several important factors contributing to allergy development. These include:

  • Increase in Toxic load  
  • Decrease in drainage especially in filtering organs  
  • Organ weakness or imbalance  
  • Systemic inflammation and histamine reaction  
  • Mental/emotional stress  

The line consists of three primary formulas and an option to select an organ formula matching your symptom picture. The first three products are designed to provide:

  • a) Drainage and elimination support for the filtering organs and the pancreas.  
  • b) Stimulation of detox organs to reduce toxic load  
  • c) Cellular Recharge to energize organs and improve energy production - particularly important after organ detox.   

 The fourth formula in your program is a selection based on your symptom picture. This formula is designed to support organ performance, reduce impact of emotional stress on that organ, balance the organ meridian, support detox and drainage of that particular organ and also relieve symptoms resulting from histamine reaction.


Homeopathic Sequence:

1) Drainage (W-1) 10 drops, 3 times a day.

2) Add a specific organ formula 10 drops, 2 times a day.

3) If you begin to feel sluggish or low in energy, add Recharge (W-3) 10 drops, 3 times a day to the other two formulas. Otherwise, wait until you complete the Detox formula to start Recharge.

NOTE:      Recharge is an energy formula that can be taken any time you need to combat fatigue and boost your energy. If you start Recharge with the Detox and organ formulas, you may need an additional bottle to complete the program.

4) After 2 weeks, add Detox (W-2) 5 drops, once a day.

5) Continue with Drainage and the organ formula until the bottles are empty.

6) After 1 week on Detox, increase the dosage to 5 drops, 2 times a day.

NOTE     : If you experience any discomfort associated with detoxification such as fatigue, headache, or other symptoms after beginning the Detox formula, discontinue it, but continue taking the other formulas and increase your intake of water. After one week, start the Detox formula again, but decrease the dose to 2 drops per day.

 7) When the Detox formula is gone, start Recharge (W-3) 10 drops, 3 times a day. Continue with Recharge until the bottle is empty.

Since each formula contains one ounce (approximately 600-800 drops), the table below shows the approximate times you should be taking each formula at the recommended dosage:


Formula  Dosage
Drainage (W-1)
30 drops/day (10 drops - 3x/day)
20-27 days
Specific organ formula
20 drops/day (10 drops - 2x/day)
30-40 days
Detox (W-2)
5 drops/day for 1 week, then
10 drops/day (5 drops - 2x/day)
56-75 days
Recharge (W-3)
30 drops/day (10 drops - 3x/day)
20-27 days


 All bottles are contain 1 oz liquid.

homeopathicsDrainage W-01

Detox W-02

Recharge W-03

Bladder Cleanse W-04

Blood Cleanse W-05

Colon Cleanse W-06

Kidney Cleanse W-07

Skin Cleanse W-11

Small Intestine Cleanse W-12

Spleen Cleanse W-13

Drainage, Detox, Recharge Combo  W-00 (Save money and purchase the top three homeopathic products at one great price)






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