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Calculate Your Body Mass Index:

The Body Mass Index, referred to as the BMI scale, is only an estimated percentage of body fat, based on a comparison of an individual's weight and height. The National Institute of Health states that a healthy BMI falls in the range of 18.5% to 24.9%. Men with a BMI above 27.8% and women with a BMI over 27.3% are considered overweight, or possibly obese. Men with a BMI less than 20.7% and women with a BMI below 19.1% are considered underweight.

So if you're calculating your BMI, please keep in mind that the higher percentages may apply to people with a great deal of muscle mass and a low percentage of body fat. On the other hand, your BMI may be underestimated if you're an older individual or carry less muscle mass. BMI is a simplistic way of measuring body fat - it takes the place of more advanced instruments known as body fat calipers. These devices actually measured skin folds (or fat folds) so there was little room for error.

To discover your BMI, simply enter your weight in pounds and your height in feet and inches.





The Enzyme Diet Solution written by Dr Allan Somersall is certainly worth reading if you are using the enzyme diet meal replacement shakes to achieve your weight loss goals.

As well as information on enzymes and their importance, common dieting mistakes and how to get started, the book also contains some basic exercise routines, menu planning and healthy recipes.





Why is eating food in its natural state, unprocessed and unrefined, so vital to the maintenance of good health?

What is lacking in our modern diet that makes us so susceptible to degenerative diseases?

These questions and more are answered in this book.










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