Marketing Online


Marketing Tools:

No matter what type of online business opportunity you may be involved with - you need the right tools to help you succeed. 

Effective marketing tools and resources include:

* Autoresponder
* Ad and Link Tracker
* Capture Page Creator
* Lead Generation Service
* URL Rotator
* SEO and Site Submission Tools
* Training and support

12 Second Commute  offers all the above and much more.

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Independent Distributorship/Affiliate Programs

There are a multitude of different companies offering independent distributorships/affiliate partnerships to distribute their products in all different areas. Before joining any of these companies I would suggest that you do your research and check out things like:

  • compensation plan
  • what support is offered to distributors/affiliates
  • what tools/resources/marketing material is available
  • can you market the products online using either company issued or personal websites
  • can you market the products offline
  • what costs are involved: to join, to maintain distributor status, for company websites, etc
  • what are recruiting requirements






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