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Products include:

Ellagic Insurance Formula

Concerned about Cancer or Cardiovascular disease?

The Ellagic Insurance Formula is based on ground-breaking research suggesting that extracts of certain plant phytochemicals have therapeutic healing effects in the body that are often greater than the physiological benefits experienced from eating the whole plant or the average daily amount of fruits and vegetables consumed in The Great American Diet.

The Ellagic Insurance Formula is the most potent "Ellagic Acid" product available, as it provides 840mg of Ellagic Acid per daily dose.

M-Powerment Water 

Most people know that drinking water in some form every day is important but in most cases don’t realize how important this is. The fact is that there is only one water product in the world that guarantees optimum hydration and that is M-Powerment Water.

M-Powerment Water is the only functional water product that has been validated with clinical studies in terms of optimizing cellular hydration, even among people who drink plenty of purified water every day.

Total Immune Booster -

If your immune system is compromised you are susceptible to a wide rage of dangerous diseases.

The Total Immune Booster is the most potent PRE and PRO biotic immune boosting product available today. Contains AlliSURE, the only patented, stabilized 100% Allicin extract available.

PhytoBioForte Super

Whatever you don't digest becomes a poison!  Digestive enzymes are critical to the body, as not being able to fully digest what you eat places massive amounts of stress on the body.  Many researchers now believe that the hundreds of degenerative diseases humans suffer from are a result of improper digestion.  PhytoBioForte Super™ is the most potent, best value for your money, plant based digestive enzyme product available!


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